Dr. Gregg Veneklasen

“HorsLic is for any horse that’s in a pen that shouldn’t be in a pen. It’ll sell itself.”

“I’ve never seen a product that’s anything like this or this good from anybody, anywhere.”

Dr. Gregg VeneklasenTimber Creek Veterinarian Clinic
Alvin Fults

“We feed HorsLic because it gives me peace of mind and let’s me rest at night.”

“We love and believe in HorsLic, plain and simple.”

“We feed HorsLic to our yearling colts because it makes them grow faster and makes them bloom. It’s awesome.”

“All our horses go to it, the horses eat it and the horses look good because of it.”

“…that’s our edge.”

“The only product I’ve ever endorsed with Metallic Cat is HorsLic because it’s a hell of a product.”

Alvin FultsOwner Fults Ranch & Metallic Cat, NCHA Horse of the Year
Jim Drouillard

“Omega-3, like in HorsLic, has proven to enhance progesterone for successful pregnancies.”

“Research shows the manufacturing process makes HorsLic products better.”

Jim DrouillardAnimal Science Professor, Kansas State University