Safe & Effective Fly Control with ClariFly®

Now approved for use in the equine industry, HorsLic® incorporates ClariFly® in some products to provide horse owners a new tool in the battle against flies. Parasitic flies attack horses in areas where they are not able to defend themselves inflicting painful bites as they draw blood meals. This severely affects equine comfort and can be a threat to their health. Utilizing HorsLic® with Clarifly® Larvicide can help improve the well being of your horse!


Q: How does ClariFly® work?
A: ClariFly® is an insect growth regulator (IGR) that inhibits fly pupae from maturing into droves of biting problems. When a horse consumes ClariFly®, it passes through their system and is excreted in their manure where adult flies lay their eggs. The active ingredient of ClariFly® is either in contact with or ingested by the fly larvae and disrupts the ability for that juvenile fly to develop their adult exoskeleton, eventually killing the fly.
Q: What species of fly does ClariFly® work on?
A: There are 4 species of flies that ClariFly® works on, but the most common fly population that impacts horses and that ClariFly® works to control are stable and house flies.
Q: Do all HorsLic® tubs come with ClariFly®?
A: Nope! Check the feed tag and the container. It will be noted on the feed tag, and you will find a sticker with the ClairFly® logo on the side of the tub if it is fortified with ClariFly®. Unfortunately for our Canadian customers, we only sell HorsLic® with ClariFly® in the U.S.
Q: Is ClariFly® safe for all horses, including pregnant or lactating mares, or young foals?
A: There have not been breeding studies done specifically on horses with ClariFly® Larvicide, but the active ingredient has been extensively tested in other species and lab animals with no adverse reproductive or performance reactions to continuously consuming ClariFly® as a part of their diets. If you have concerns, we always recommend double checking with your vet.
Q: How long does ClariFly® stay in the manure?
A: The active ingredient starts to decline in potency around 7 days or so.
Have more questions? Check out Central Life Science’s ClaryFly FAQ page, chat with your dealer, or reach out to us at!