HorsLic® Supplements Now with Clarifly Lavaracide for Effective Fly Control

ClariFly Logo HorsLicBELLE FOURCHE, SD – HorsLic® equine supplements from New Generation Supplements recently introduced two new fly control supplement formulations. HorsLic Omega Elite and HorsLic Performance are now available fortified with Clarifly. As feed through application, Clarify passes through the horse and into the manure where it breaks the fly life cycle by preventing flies eggs in manure from reaching the adult fly stage. HorsLic supplements fortified with Clarify are effective against house flies, face flies, stable flies and horn flies and designed to be fed to horses in stable or paddock situations.

Produced using a patented state-of-the-art continuous flow process, HorsLic products are self-fed, nutrient dense, low-moisture, all-weather supplements, available in 60-lb., 125-lb., and 250-lb. tubs, as well as a convenient 40-lb. flat back bucket.