What is Nutritionally Engineered?

HorsLic supplements are Nutritionally Engineered through unique, patented manufacturing process. This process results in a supplement that delivers essential vitamins and minerals, while providing balanced omega-3 fatty acids.

The continuous flow process creates a nutritionally balanced and consistent supplement without chemical binders, fillers or hardeners.  HorsLic products efficiently and consistently deliver balanced omega-3 benefits and essential nutrients for optimal health and performance and to enhance forage utilization.

Are HorsLic Supplements safe for all of my horses?

HorsLic Supplements are designed to be fed safely and meet the nutritional needs of horses of all ages and activity levels.

Even if you have a mare and foal together, it is completely safe for both to consume the all-natural supplements.  HorsLic Supplements keep their integrity through humidity, rain, heat, and the variety of weathers.  Simply place the tub in your pasture or paddock and let your horses get the nutrients they are lacking when they need them.

Portable and weather resistant plastic tubs allow horses to get the nutrients they need regardless of all other conditions. A balanced formula also helps avoid common health problems in horses like obesity, laminitis, unbalanced nutrient levels and colic.

How many HorsLic blocks should I give my horses?

HorsLic Supplements are designed to be placed in a pasture or pen that where horses are kept.  Provide HorsLic as a free choice supplement to horses of all sizes at the rate of one block for each 1 to 10 head.

When group feeding, place blocks in pen or pasture to minimize competition and assure easy accessibility. Place them in the middle of the pen not in a corner. Placing more blocks does not mean horses will eat more but does help eliminate crowding and a “bossy” mare from dominating the block.

Typically mature horses normally consume approximately 1 to 3 pounds per head daily. Consumption may vary depending on climate, forage quality, forage availability, accessibility to other feeds, size, condition and/or age of horses.  In situations where increased intake is desired, reduce access to other sources of supplemental energy such as grain or other feed supplements. Provide access to fresh water at all times.

Can I feed HorsLic supplements year round?

Yes! HorsLic Supplements are made with a patented process creating a low-moisture block that holds its nutritional consistency through heat, humidity, excessive rain, even cold and snow of winter.

What Makes HorsLic Supplements Different Than Other Equine Supplement Programs?

HorsLic Supplements mimic the forage based, grazing habits of horses in their natural habitat. Our purple tubs offer sweet, hard-pressed molasses blocks packed with readily available, natural and balanced nutrition. HorsLic Supplements are the perfect option for delivering omega-3 and vital nutrients, essential for your horse’s health and performance, in the most natural way possible.

HorsLic Supplements are all-natural equine supplements that work in two ways–delivering essential vitamins and minerals and providing balanced omega-3 fatty acid (ALA*) supplementation for all classes of horses.  HorsLic supplements provide high energy levels through a patented process, and the best part is you cannot “over feed” our supplements. Research shows that feeding HorsLic supplements provides balanced nutrition and helps improve forage utilization, and that, combined with HorsLic’s low

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